This is Prax.

No robots here – ask us to find the pictures with traffic lights. We’ll do it every time.

Sure, we’re tech-minded, strategic cost accountants. But we’re also human.

Our awesome team

 founder & ceo

 Jenn Viridis

 founder & LG

 David Sadowsky

How we roll

We offer a unique kind of accounting here at Prax – we’re not interested in simple, reactive accounting. We want to get to know you and your big why. We’re here to help you plan ahead, take care of your people, gain a competitive advantage, and improve your financial health year-over-year.


To help small and mid-size businesses with heart achieve their loftiest ambitions. We’re here to help you achieve more with numbers, data, and defined targets.


We want to look back and see the change we’ve helped make in our world by elevating other companies. We envision a community of local entrepreneurs building toward social progress.

Worth noting

We adhere to both the letter and the spirit of the law. To Prax, the answer to ‘should we?’ is just as important as the answer to ‘can we?’ Which is why we’ve never opened a dinosaur park.


‘Why’ matters

Your ‘why’ matters to us. We work with clients who have a ‘big why’ beyond just ‘to make money.’

‘Who’ matters

Our team, our clients, our client’s team, their children – they all matter to us. We look for clients who know a happy and cared-for team is more productive and generates more profit. Not sure you believe that? Let us prove it to you!

‘How’ matters

We value expertise. How can we use the latest tools to offer you a competitive advantage? How can we help you develop procedures to improve efficiency and productivity? How can we pivot and adapt to serve you better? The process affects the outcome.

‘What’ matters

We want to ensure that, through our services, we’re giving you a deliverable that allows you to grow your business along a planned pathway. This means you get services that have a tangible deliverable with KPIs to keep you on track.

Did you know?

87% of our clients are disenfranchised or minority-owned businesses!

Who we service

We carefully consider each potential clients’ unique circumstances before agreeing to work with them. If we don’t see the potential for a high return on an investment in working with us, we won’t move forward. We want to make sure every one of our clients can truly benefit from our services.

Our niche is with young businesses who:

  • have annual gross revenues under $1M,
  • want to modernize and improve efficiencies, and
  • want to grow strategically to own their market.

Sound like you? Then we want you to get in touch. Really.

Prax cats

Ok, we may have skipped a few team members. See, while this business may look human-run, if you watch carefully, sometimes you’ll see our feline managers prowling around our desks. Don’t mind them, they’re just strategizing.

Check out @praxcats to get to know the real bosses around here.