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Let’s figure out how much we can save you in taxes.

Do you know whether you’re overpaying on taxes? Most businesses are. We know because we’ve helped our clients save thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars through tax planning. In fact, to date, we have yet to meet a single new client we couldn’t find at least $500 in tax savings.

And that’s where the Prax Tax Savings Estimate (PTSE) and Prax Tax Plan (PTP) come in.

A PTSE and PTP can help you:

  • Find the right tax strategies for your unique business
  • Save money on overpaid taxes
  • Plan how much you want to pay in taxes going forward
  • Watch over and pivot in changing markets
  • Determine how you want to direct and invest saved funds
  • Reach your financial goals and longer term growth targets

And it all starts with our quick and easy questionnaires.

Let’s break it down.

The first step is to get your PTSE (at no risk to you!). This estimate is where we quickly review some top level details about your business, finances, and taxes, and produce an estimate of what we think we’ll be able to find you in tax savings.

The PTP, then, is our deeper dive. It’s where we really dig into your unique situation to create a detailed report covering exactly how much we could save you in taxes and how exactly we’d do it.

Want to see exactly how it works?

Check out our detailed video breakdown of the series.

Want to know how much we can find you in tax savings?

The best news is that we offer the PTSE at no risk to you.

What do we mean by no risk?

There is a $500 fee for us to prepare a PTSE, but if we can’t find you savings equal to or above that, we’ll waive the fee. We won’t charge you if what we can offer you is less than what we would cost you.

Because at Prax, we make it a priority to make you more money than we cost you. Always.

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