Your accounting. Signed. Sealed. And, yes, even delivered.

Accounting services so good, they’ll make you want to break out in song. Really.

Whether you’re looking for a cost accounting specialist to handle bookkeeping or need growth advice from our fractional CFOs (or just about anything in between), we have you covered.

When you work with our remote team of experienced cost accountants and financial professionals, we’ll help you:

Stay one step ahead with weekly financials

Stay two steps ahead with monthly financial reviews

Stay three steps ahead with quarterly and tax financial reviews

Plan ahead so you can work with changing tax codes and applicable credits

Work toward total market domination! (…or whatever your most ambitious goals are)

Flexible subscriptions to fit you

At Prax, we offer flexible plans on a subscription basis. Our services are sorted into three tiers, designed to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes – from one person with a truck to well-established firms with decades of experience and a large team.

Tiers start with basic bookkeeping & financials and go up to full-scope outsourced accounting through fractional CFO services. And it’s all based on a fixed weekly fee, custom quoted based on your unique business and needs.

Take a look:

Tier 1 – Begin

Just the basics for startups and beginners.

Tier 1 services include:

  • Basic bookkeeping
  • Cashflow monitoring
  • Accurate financial statements
  • Recorded monthly financial review with custom report package

Tier 2 – Grow

Our standard package. Make growth a priority.

Tier 2 offers everything from Tier 1, and:

  • Sales & expense cost accounting
  • Overhead & allocation cost accounting
  • Financial & non-financial KPIs
  • A quarterly live financial review with your Prax team

Tier 3 – Compete

The works. Ideal for rapidly growing businesses and those ready to aggressively pursue their financial goals.

Tier 3 includes everything from the first 2 tiers, plus:

  • Sales & expense analytics
  • Annual budget & budget variances tracking
  • Detailed financial projections
  • Monthly live financial reviews & quarterly tax planning
  • Annual tax returns & filings
  • Annual tax planning & notice resolutions

For a complete list of included services or to request custom pricing for your business, email us at

Bookkeeping services, CFO duties, and everything in between

Why tailor our quotes to each new client? Because we’ve learned over our many years of experience that you never know what’s lurking between the line items when it comes to a business’ financial health and records.

That’s why, before moving forward with any client, we conduct an in-depth accounting file diagnostic to identify areas that need attention. When you request a quote, we’ll do our deep dive, then meet with you for a video call (via the magic of the internet!) to go over our findings with you.

Ready to get started? Take the first step by booking a meeting with CVO Jenn Viridis.

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